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A brief examination of Outlook Express

Outlook Express is a barebone email client, slim downed cousin of Outlook, and was packaged for free with releases of the Internet Explorer from version,

It also caused some controversy from other client designer, because like Explorer it was bundled with the Windows operating system released from Microsoft. And like Explorer took a massive share of the client market. The Windows versions that Outlook was released with were as follows,

Outlook was no longer released when Vista was released, and likewise was not released with Windows 7. The program released with these two clients was called,

Outlook Express is often confused with Office Outlook. While the two clients do share a similar name, graphical interface and features, the code underlying both applications is different.


newsgroups for express

Ability to add newsgroups and contacts

menu for express

Main menu showing the categories

incoming mail for express

Extra menu for displaying mail message body

logo for outlook express